Anonymous inquired So go ahead little cherry blossom, bloom. I know it is fall now and the air some days is bitter, but you are made up of galaxies. How can one world's seasons bring your entirety to pieces? You are precious and victorious and your words are fuel. Breathe in and out and know you are painfully beautiful and impressive and necessary. You've effected dozens of people and continue to power through. And for all of it, we say Thank You.

Wow. Thank you. 

Anonymous inquired I hope your thighs become bare like mine after I smeared special cream on them for an entire year. I hope you remember the lack of feeling we had back when we were five and didn't know how to write poetry about being alive. I hope you hug the adult in your life who is still there enough to count. I hope you saddle it up and mount this bitch we call life. I hope you know every second you are happy is another reason for someone like me to be happy too. People like me love you.

I hope you know you rock and whoever you are I probably love you too.

I’m sorry, I will always love you to pieces no matter how many times you break yourself into smaller ones. Please don’t act like you’re already gone because I am still here.

Why do I do this to myself? 

" I carry the battle in me. "
by A Six Word Story | d.a.s (via backshelfpoet)

(via backshelfpoet)